Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shakib Khan is in Kolkata with secret mission

Shakib has gone to Kolkata suddenly. Rumors have it that he is going to attend a TV program as a guest in India. Meanwhile, Shakib revealed to Prothom Alo that he did not go to Kolkata to become a guest at any TV program; rather he was on a secret mission there. However, he did not give any details of the secret mission. Shakib, though, has said that he would very soon announce the next movie under his production.
It is heard that you have attended the Mirakkel Akkel Challengers program of Zee Bangla television in Kolkata?
Shakib Khan: No. Who said that I have taken part in Mirakkel Akkel Challenger as a guest? It is totally a rumor. It is true that the organizers of Mirakkel Akkel Challenger and Dance Bangla Dance have invited me to their programs as a guest. I actually do not want to attend these programs right now.
Then, what is the reason behind this sudden visit to Kolkata?
Shakib Khan: It is true that I have suddenly made this trip to Kolkata. At that moment, I do not want to reveal the reason why I went to Kolkata. But it is true that I have been to Kolkata for a cinema related work. If everything goes well, then I would unwrap the news cheerfully in public.
How is going your new production?
Shakib Khan: The work for the new movie from my production has already begun. The movie will as usual feature Apu Biswas as the lead actress. Besides, the movie goers would get to see a new face in the film.
To what extent are you satisfied with ‘Hero the Superstar’?

Shakib Khan: This film was released in 121 theatres across the country during the Eid festival. It has already become commercially successful. 

Shakib Khan gives credit to Apu Biswas for his success

At present, he is now at the pick of his career in Dhallywood. Producers have millions of investment on him. Shakib Khan has come to this position with his own quality. Though hard work and love for his work has brought him to this position, Shakib Khan wants to give credit to Apu Biswas for his success.
While talking about his actresses, he said, “Apu Biswas is lucky for his career. All the movies along with her have received commercial success. Beside giving his own assessment of the life of president of Film Artist Association, he has also talked about the market of Bangla cinema both in Bangladesh and foreign country, tension of producer and actor, and if politics affect the release of Eid movies.”

Shaikat Salahuddin has planned, scripted and anchored the program ‘Movie Bazaar’. Produced by Sudipto Sarkar, the program will go on air on Asian TV at 10pm on Thursday.